Harley Davidson / poor value for money

Glen Innes, New South Wales, Australia
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Phone: 0427777275

Dear Whoever
I am 60 years old, been one of the faithful since as long as can remember. My Dad raced flat heads, my wife rode a Fat Boy for years before her death, my daughter rides a sporter. Had flat heads, shovel heads, evo’s. The past 12 years been riding a twin cam Road king.
Have ridden through with you on the roller coaster, taken a lot of crap from jap bike owners and a few blues as well. Have brought new Harleys, then had to spend a motzer to get it to perform, change the seat so could ride some miles, change the shochies to get them to handle and the list goes on and on.
Well, times are changing, about to update my bike. This time changing camps to a Victory. Despite hating Ness’s designs. Most Victory’s look like poofs bikes.
Why the change? Lets see, when time comes to change the belt, don‘t have to strip the bike down to do it, comes stock with mags, has a seat that is comfortable, more powerful motor. And they are cheaper: Just those few alone are enough.
Why are you still putting the drive on the primary case side is beyond me. The effort and the buggererizing about you have to do is so frustrating.
In short I am not alone here, its time for Harley to pull there finger out and get your ### into gear and start giving value for money and stop running on there reputation.
I am so angry with you lot, the team has been with you for years. Harley prices have gone through the roof and can not see the value in them any more.

Good bye old friend


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