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Knysna, ZA
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I would like to on behalf of myself and other Harley owners in the Garden Route report on events and service from the Knysna Dealership with regard to (I will only explain my situation) one of my motorcycles being there since December 2016 and not getting much joy or response from the management there except from the Merchandise girl and the Mechanic who are the only ones trying to assist me when they can.
Who can I email my explanation to, to report my absolute unhappiness with the dealership?
In Brief:
I had a small accident in December and took the bike in for claim evaluation and repairs. The insurance assessor inspected the bike and approved the claim and for work to continue.
Nothing proceeded till I after a couple of weeks phoned in to ask regarding progress. I was then informed by Jimmy the Dealer Principle that no work would be started till they are paid first which is totally contrary to any claims procedure for insurance. I was basically forced to fork out the money for the orders to be placed for required spares. I in the interim found out that the actual orders were only placed after that time again a week or two later.
So the waiting began again. This causing me to lose clients in my rental business and loss of possible INCOME on that motorcycle from clients wanting my Street Glide.
I never ever received any feed back or updates except if I made the calls to follow up on progress and too this day the same applies.
I have sent the Dealer Principle a strong message and once again got a zero interest reply on my dilemma I am faced with. (The message to him is attached below as with his answer).
I am not the only one that has or is experiencing this treatment from the dealership and its distressing to see as we support the dealership because they are close and affordable for us not having to continually take our babies to CPT or Tygervalley dealerships over the distance from the Garden Route. (In my case I have currently five bikes that need maintenance and looking after by a representing dealership due to me renting them out).
I now too fear that I will be treated worse due to my voicing my dissatisfaction with their operation.
I was informed by quit a few of my fellow riders who have experienced issues with the dealership over the brief time it's been open to report this as we cannot allow for this to happen.
The worrying fact is that we are lied to and told excuse after excuse continually regarding things there relating to our bikes when they are taken in.
Sue I am not sure if there are regulatory inspections and follow up reports done on dealerships but this one needs to be addressed as it is becoming worse and the management is not showing interest in their riders or Harley community in the Garden Route.
I trust that somewhere I will be able to send same explanation to for assistance from Harley Davidson worldwide with what we are experiencing in the Garden Route.
I do not know who to contact with this.

I did send this letter of disgust to the dealership Dealer Principle James Keefer and one will see his perfect customer care reply afterwards.

"[03/20, 8:41 PM] 171605: Hi Jimmy.
I have sent an email to you and yet no reply regarding my Bike which has been there since end December.
I managed to finally speak with Nick and Angie the only ones who have replied to my messages when I sent trying to find out about my bikes progress.
It is sad that you as dealer principle hands down responsibility to your staff when you are emailed in question about my bike and time it's taken.
I have been covering the dealerships reputation left and right but it seems like as a friend and supporter I am treated like someone who can be walked over.
Jimmy I am asking answers from you without ### or normal heard excuses why I am on the 20th March still waiting on my motorcycle after being initially handed in before end December 2016.
I am not impressed with the dealerships treatment of my support with regard to my bike and across the board the handling of the claim and rectification of my bike from the initial time where you gave me instruction to pay you before insurance pays out or nothing was to be done.
I did so and it is totally against all insurance claim procedures so yet another lie and ### from you and the fact that the parts were still ordered late after my payment with the disrespect and careless customer service that you have chosen to provide to one of you better supporters.
I have in mind you will send me a email or whatsapp or response that you support me with clients etc but that does not give Knysna Harley Davidson the right to treat my business like hand me down and non important priority above their Car division.
Please be mindful of your reply as this is a legitimate message with full history leading to this message to you only at this stage but should there be discrepancies it may and has a right to be published with awaiting publishers.
Yes Jimmy. It is a matter of disbelief and I have incurred serious costs at your dealerships expense and lost additional business at your dealerships tardiness and non care approach in helping a loyal customer out with priority...
Jimmy you have an excuse you want to check emails when we are there always but when we do email with relevant things that have to be addressed you do not reply or come back with ulterior responses.
Yes Jimmy I am a very unhappy client currently and this is a form of expressing my unhappiness.
I was hoping you would have shown the enthusiasm you show with the cars towards the bike section but it does not seem possible between you and Bert...
"Thank goodness you have people in your staff to the likes of Angie and Nick that cover and attempt a response of questions asked by clients from far and wide from what I have been told during our rally by numerous attendees. "Good on the two of them and shame on management". Quoted words from people as far as Gauteng and far reaches.
It is with sad review I know you will hereby revoke any further assistance to me and my company but it would be due to your poor management and non caring procedures with the dealership toward the clients who have entrusted their support for you.
In case this message is long and difficult to read on whatsapp I too will email it and maybe this time you will choose to reply or find the time to review my situation.
Yes sir. I am angry because you have chosen to treat your customers like dirt.
I am truly hoping that you review your approach to the Harley Davidson brand you claim to represent but unfortunately are not achieving currently due to your commitment to the vehicles above us.
Think over this and I hope you will be admittedly responsible enough to know the faults mentioned and as management make efforts to be accountable instead of passing it on to Angie and Nick.
I have now voiced my bottled up opinion of mistreatment from what I was hoping to be a successful entity but I know my feelings are now not unique to me but carried across South Africa alike with regard to Knysna Harley Davidson.
Some serous adjustment needs to take place.
Trusting in your responsibility

[03/20, 9:21 PM] Harley Garden Route Jimmy:
Roelof, all I have to say is that we are still awaiting spares for your bike. I will not stoop to answer the rest of your msg."

Mar 21, 2017

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