Hardee's Restaurants / i'm complain about your staff

ERWIN, TN, United States

Your staff at your restaurant. Think it's cool to have people hanging outside all the time. If not outside . Inside the restaurant and they take their sweet time. I always see a red headed man without a uniform on behind the counters just hanging out. Looks like he waiting on someone . But the same man that waits behind the counter is the one who hangs out in the parking lot with people. It looks like a drug deal going on in the parking lot. Their a guy that hangs out their with no shirt with them all the time and that make your restaurant look like [censored]. Just saying. Their are two girls this morning working . Very rude and have no idea what their doing half the time. Where your good workers at? I know it's hard to find them. But the ones u have now are not making your place look good at all. Also my breakfast was cold when handed to me. Didn't take it back in cause I was in a hurry to get to work. I'm not from erwin. But I go to your restaurant quite a bit in the mornings and I witness this. Does not look good. Other wise the place looks clean and neat. But ur staff is horrible.

Oct 16, 2018

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