Hardee's Restaurantsheavy set manager attitude

Hi my name is Miss Joy I come to Hardee's everyday and the heavy set women that wear the black shirt and glasses she has a foul mouth with her work.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Marion, AL I know one manger the little skinny one they treat her like garbage they always be sitting down while she is working then they always working her like hell today your best manager was sick it was only one crew person helping her in she was doing a great job but you all is working that little girl and the way they use her y'all need to talk to your manager. And why is she the only one close you all need yo fix this or I will start tape in show how y'all use your works in the fat one that let the older man feel on her at work what are you all running a store or a date place this I see with my own eyes in if she is the one that is running that store you need to fix it I have her on tape letting her customer's feel on her

Jan 30, 2017

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