Hardee's Restaurantsgeneral manager and other co-workers

N Nov 19, 2017

I have worked at this store for a few years and am one of the shift leaders for this store. Recently, I have been addressed and experienced some things that no employee should ever have to go through. Some of things that are happening here are:

The general manager and his wife, who also is a shift leader at this store, show favoritism to the employees that they work with and are friends with; and so much so that these people have been allowed to steal money from the tills and keep their job or when the gm and his wife go on vacation, they leave another one of their shift leads/friends in charge of the store for the week and allows this person to work while drunk, bullying employees, leaving the store is disarray. This person also has 2 daughters that work there and are also allowed to do what they want without repercussions. The gm allows these employees and his wife to speak Spanish while on the clock, in which I and other employees are fed up with because that is how they talk about others. I and othdbeing loyees have also found outdated product, incorrect date stickers, the temperature log book not being filled out, incorrect tempering and thawing methods, just to name a few and they blame their night crew for these things.
I have asked for crew meetings and have been told by the gm that "no one is going to listen to me, so what's the point".
They also have refused to give breaks, leaving it upto the night manager to give them, so they can leave when their shifts are over. This has created issues as night crew is sometimes short handed or busy, in which either they are forced to go without a break or sometimes even getting their second break of that person works a double shift.
I have been told by past night managers and also have had it happen to me, where they will try to accuse a person of leaving a door or safe unlocked the night we close, when we know they were when we left the store that night because we triple check them before we leave.
And finally, as of yesterday [protected]), the gm, his wife, and others went as far as calling their night crew and shift leads lazy and have decided they were no longer stocking or doing anything with the store after 2pm.
The night crew and others, including myself have or are getting our hours cut and have had some of our bonuses docked.
This gm was one of few people in the company that I looked upto as a mentor, and I now have lost all respect for. Still love being at that store because it's in my hometown, but I'm ashamed of what it has become.

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