Hardees/red Burritoattitude of mgr. on duty

I went to this Hardees on 6-24-09 at 9:14 p.m. As chilidogs were on special 2 for $3.00, I ordered 6 chili dogs. I explained that I would like to have 4 without chili and two with extra chili. The young man on the register was called off by the black female manager with light colored hair and she took over my order. She charged me 30 center twice for the two chilidogs with extra chili. I explaind that I was getting 4 chilidogs WITHOUT chili and should not be charged extra for the two with extra chili.
She explained that the company required that she charge me extra for the two with extra chili even though I was getting 4 without chili. I told her that surely she jest. She assured me that was the company rules and that was what she was going to do. I cancelled my order. I had two others waiting for the chili dogs and at 9:14 p.m. there were not a lot of other choices of places to purchase chili dogs in that area. I have been buying all kinds of biscuits and angus burgers from this location for a year and a half. I have been a Hardee's customer for 40 years as I am originally from N.C. where you had your first stores.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Jacksonville, FL
I asked for the information on how to reach the district office and the manager's name. She wanted to know why and I informed her I was going to file a complaint. She went to the back, made a phone call and came back to give me her boss' name and phone number and told me to just go ahead and call her boss. I told her I would go higher than that.
I reordered 6 chili dogs with the chili on the side in a small cup and thus solved the problem. Other customers that were sitting and waiting for thick burgers looked at me and just shook their heads at the attitude of the manager. I paid using the balance on my $20 gift card I had purchased a few days before and paid the balance in cash.
I find it hard to believe that someone in management would not have better customer skills and more common sense. While I enjoy the Hardee's products, I will not return to this particular store when this manager may be on duty. I will continue to purchase morning biscuits etc. but will not take a chance in running into this employee again. The young man that had been on the register when I first started and was pulled off, came outside and apologized to me. I assured him that my interaction with him had been great but his manager left a lot to be desired. He was a nice young man.

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