Harbor Freight / employees

Lakewood, CA, United States

We know to begin with that the products at HF are inferior, that is why they are cheap! We know that going in so, I have no issue with that. I don't know what they pay their employees but it must be commensurate with their product quality. This is reflected in all of their policies pertaining to customers.
After spending that 15 minutes in like to buy a $13 item,... there were only two people in front of me, I drove home to find out that the item was rusted inside and did not work. I get in my car and drove back to HF and was told I had to stand in line again, so that they could update their inventory. Needless to say, I did not do that, after getting the replacement item I simply gave them the receipt and said "have me arrested" and left (for the last time, ever).
There is no excuse for treating customer like employees "do it or else". A returns line lets the public know that if your product is defective, HF takes some of the responsibility and at least feels bad that you had to make two trips to return their mistake.
I will make it an alternative purpose in my life to discourage patronage at Harbor Freight!

Sep 21, 2017

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