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July 25, 2019 I shopped online, saw that Harbor Freight had the best deal for a tire I wanted to replace my wheel barrow tire with, and went to the local store to buy. When I looked for the item there was an empty bin where it should have been. I asked the store associate to check inventory and was informed they were out. I asked when they would have it back in stock and was told that they didn't know. There was another tire almost identical except for the tread pattern however it was $33.99 compared to $21.99. I asked the associate if they could match the price with the out-of-stock item to that of the less desirable (my opinion) in-stock item. I was told no, all they could do was give me 20% off which still made the item 24% more than the item I came to purchase. I went ahead and made the purchase because I had spent so much time in this process already. I really feel like Harbor Freight did a classic example of "Bait & Switch" a truly deplorable sales practice. Perhaps management is not aware that this is going on or perhaps they endorse this practice. I don't know but it sure caused me to feel poorly about Harbor Freight's deceptive sales practices. I do not blame the associate who tried to help as much as possible which is why I am attempting to communicate with management. See the advertisement attached:

unethical behavior


  • Jw
    JWC3476 Aug 08, 2019

    This is not bait and switch. Stores run out of stock all of the time. There is no requirement to price match.

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  • Hf
    HFTool Man Aug 28, 2019

    SERIOUSLY! YOU must think the sun rises and sets in your stupid ass! I get so tired of telling morons like you that an item is out of stock, only to have you idiots make a major case out of it! WE don't know what is going to be on our truck until the day it gets there! Ya see dumb ass, NO ONE AT ANY STORE PLACES ORDERS FOR ITEMS IN THE STORE! ITS ALL DONE BY COMPUTER! Why do you think anyone should price match a higher priced item for the one you couldn't get?

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