Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fanbattery in remote heats up

We own our condo since Jan. 2013. It's a 3 bedroom condo with 6 ceiling fans installed; 3 operating a switch and 3 from a remote control. When we came back last november I could not start either the fan or the light on the ceiling fan in our bedroom. It is Harbor Breeze "Aero" #187541 and the remote is #RC-104L. When I put the 9 volt battery in the remote control, it heats up and the fan ot the light do not respond to any button; so I have to take it off to avoid futher damage. I have check the wires with line detector in the switch and in the fan and my detector blinked red which means that electricity (voltage) is present all over the line but still does not work. I went to Lowes this afternoon and all they told me was to call the company to get an answer to my problem. Can you help identify the problem or find a solution ?
Thank you, Charles

Feb 17, 2015

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