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Contact information:
Dale Withers
PO Box 151555
Fort Worth TX 76108
United States

Ok, I have been a LIFETIME member of this club for over ten years...It has been awhile since I received my bi-monthly LIFETIME Handyman magazine.

First off, why do they need to hear from me? I signed up for a lifetime of benefits. Secondly, I recently moved in the last year AND UPDATED my information on the club website, so in essence THEY HAVE HEARD FROM ME QUITE RECENTLY.

So, fearing to lose my membership, which has to be completely illegal, I went to the site and did what I needed to do. The thank you message stated that "My account has been REACTIVATED"! So they are telling me the deactivated my lifetime membership because "they have not heard from me in a while"? How about you try and contact me first before you just deactivate something I have paid for?

I am really getting sick of these companies offering LIFETIME or UNLIMITED products only to try and screw me down the road!

May 11, 2017

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