H‑E‑Byour coupons in store

I have been a life long customer at HEB in Big Spring, Tx, due to there incapabilty of Customer service I will now take my business else where. I went & bought $240.00 in groceries. They had already sacked and loaded my whole cart full of groceries, & due to one of the monthly coupon deals, they then proceeded to have to unload the whole cart to find the coupon item. Then they said I had wrong item and I had grabbed what was in cooler on display with the coupon.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Big Sandy, TXThey gave me the run around because they couldn't tell me why the item that I had gotten was incorrect of the item on the coupon. I feel their lack of setting up displays to correspond with coupon adds had become sloppy/lazy/careless causing customers to subconsciously grab the items just to end up buying it to prevent a hassle. This problem needs to be addressed with a solution, and mind you with today's final visit I did request and have a manager come and explain the issue, which ended up a huge waste of time. This not my first experience with the situation, I'm quite frankly fed up.

May 04, 2017

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