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I have been having problems with this store, and I have talked to managers about this several times. There are multiple people at the Brenham, Texas HEB that are friends with someone that my fiancee and I had a child custody court with. These people have been taking pictures of my children and myself without consent. In my opinion it is very unprofessional for employees to be mixing personal life with work. Since it is multiple employees doing this I cannot just give out names. I'm buying food for my family and should not made to be feel as if we are in danger, these people are sending pictures to the woman who has been taking us to court for multiple untrue reasons. We are doing nothing wrong. Please help do something about this. If you would like to call me my name is Tasha Bray and my number is [protected]


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      Jan 11, 2018

    Hi Tasha,
    I can imagine how annoying that could be. Taking pictures of someone is not illegal that's what they say but its totally unethical and leave you with no privacy at all. These people should be dealt with. I can suggest you surveillance and tracking services to protect yourself and your family. I know of discreet private investigation services Wilsons Detectives who can help you with that. I've used it myself therefore can recommend it to others. They are very efficient and good at this. First operational hour is free. You can check out their website and contact them. or email [protected]

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      Jan 31, 2019

    I have experienced serious harassment at a HEB Supermarket after exposing a group called Citizens Corps. I have multiple video on my YouTube page I was later followed around in the community and systematically harassed by a few store employees . I had many encounters with people wearing black suits and driving black SUVs that appear to be using stakeholders from DHS to participate. I left New Mexico due to persistent harassment in supermarkets. I have also discovered a GPS tracker under my car. It appears that HEB is involved in corporate engagement with police andfusion centers. I have had countless encounters since [protected] with people even buying the same exact groceries and even parking next to my car . When I recorded the harassment to share with the store manager the said I couldn't record that. What is strange is that I shared with an assistant manager a pamphlet of a car that kept showing up parked next to me at school and other places will weeks later this same guy sits parked next to me with another person standing near my car. Within seconds of asking this guy why he is doing this the store manager came out its like this entire thing was planned out. It's like HEB supports mobbing activity.

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