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H‑E‑B / h. e. b blue shirt manager dalton

1 Beaumont, CA, United States

HEB #05/048 JAN 13, '18 @ 8:40 P.M. my party consisted of three adult females. Although everything was in one basket, we were paying for our purchases separately. Case in point, we had three whole hams. The checkout line for deplorable, except for the 15 items or less express lane. However, we were denied usage of this Lane by the manager, Dalton. He never asked if we were paying for items separately. he never offered to open another Lane, nor did he himself offer to check us out. He even stood by us until we found another Lane in a rather bullying type of manner. When I express to him that I wouldn't be waiting in line because my time was important and I was more concerned about my time then being in a lame that was empty because I didn't have 15 items and that I could take my business to Kroger or Walmart, he just walked off. In my opinion DALTON is not manager material. His priorities are not in the best interest of HEB and I am hoping someone will speak to me regarding this complaint when I call corporate Monday morning. Also if I may add, the latter two of my party condensed their items in an effort to allow our check out guy TREVOR to be relieved as per the female manager who told him to turn off his light. As a very loyal HEB customer, i feel that DALTON 's FIRST CONCERN, should have been to downsize the lanes. I feel that he should have done a bit of fact finding to see if we were in fact, as together or purchasing separately. I feel that we were singled out for obvious reasons, and I will add that I have never had an issue in over 20 years at HEB that I felt needed the attention of someone higher up. Thank you

Jan 13, 2018

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