H‑E‑Barrogant, rude and discrimination by manager

M Nov 19, 2017

I go very often to heb-plus pharr since I moved 4 years ago, I love shopping here, friendly and helper personnel except for a woman who is the manager of the cashiers named annete (ironic is a woman should be friendly or at least empathic with other moms). I have 2 toodlers and and its very difficult keep on the go all day long. I used heb app to save money with coupons, we are 5 @home. This is not the first time I received rude service or neglected by annete the manager, it seems that she does not love her job because never is willing to help. Last night I was on the line but unfortunately my heb app failed (not first time and I have reported some times because I don't want to make cashiers or manager overwork especially when manager annete is on charge) she again were arrogant and asking if I have the right products (in english and she knows that I dont speak english but I read and write), I said "si ahi estan" then I point to my car with effort because I had my baby on my arms and point the products and I was trying to showed her the app coupons (in my mind trying to make her help me) but she neglected me, ignore me and I was carrying my ba boy and my other toddler trying to go out the car... It was really bad moment for me expending time and what I felt was terrible because she wanted to low me humiliating with her attitude (not first time) and finally instead of speed the line puting the code of digital coupons she said "no pasa" (dont pass) and look at me but no more words maybe should tell me something else... So I assume to remove the products and wait to cancel items then she did it and move her face in circle and gone.
I expend more time than usually tired carrying my baby because he fell asleep and everybody noticed that I was really tired.. I have to apologies to the people of line behind and I was trying to understand why this woman is so arrogant... Others managers have helped me introducing manually codes checking previously in a friendly manner. I understand that managers have a lot of work, administrating, dealing with people but managers has to have high spirit of service someone who is not tolerant or has emotional intelligence should not be a manager, should be in a positions that do not involve human relations, counting products to avoid offend and humiliate persons. Next time I will put complain with bbb please talk with her. Thank you.

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