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Ok well after deciding to expand my ddrum amx kit by adding a kick drum... I wanted the blue burst 22x20...

I call in they said it was in stock, being A SUNDAY they said it would ship tomorrow (monday)... so I called in monday night to confirm because I recieved no email.. they said what they always say. (yea there was a problem today in the warehouse). any ways they said it will be shipped out tuesday.. LOL nope.. and they used they same thing about warehouse problems.. then wednesday around 3p. m. I get a BACKORDER NOTICE so I call tell them they've been telling me it will ship out the next day so they give me a 20 dollar credit and next day air shipping!!! great right (wrong) they said thursday it will ship out because of the shipping choice nope they shipping it on friday... the billing info I come to find out was shipped on wednesday... wow I don't know who they have answering there phones and working there warehouse but i'm gonna say there all #ed... not to menchin I got one guy on the phone who told me that there product specialist know nothing about musicial equipment!!! he told me this and I was blow away so remember that when you order from them and they recommend a certant product lol. haha. anyways... it is monday the 12th my delivery date for this kick drum that will probably show up a zildjian t sirt and a note say gottcha!!! so I guess we will see but my advice to you is stay away from guitar center... AND MUSICIANS FRIEND ran by the same company and did this same crap to me a week before I ordered to blue toms they sent a red one and orange one so avoid but.


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      Aug 20, 2009

    Dear WalJ009,

    I'm Bob, over at Guitar Center, and first I want to say how disappointed I was to see this complaint and discover how poorly we'd served you on your recent kick-drum order. You have my personal apology and our commitment to straighten it out.

    We've been searching through our customer records to locate your order but don't have enough information at the moment. Please contact us at the following email address: [protected] We have one of our top customer service specialists on standby to handle your complaint and turn this transaction around.

    Based on your observations concerning the successive shipping delays and the inconsistent information from our customer service staff, we're reviewing the warehouse and call center systems to see where the lack of coordination may have arisen. In recent months we've adopted a "perfect order" expectation for our relatively new, modern warehouse. Your order experience was way imperfect by any standards, so it really has us scrambling to locate the glitch.

    As for our product experts, I can only say that we spend huge bucks on product training, much of it conducted by the vendors who actually make the gear you want. Plus, we hire musicians at every opportunity. We obviously failed to route your call to the correct group of representatives. In the future, just ask, and we can connect you to our technical support team for answers to any of your product-related questions.

    Again, please contact our customer specialists at [protected], now and in the future. My goal is to have you feel confident in ordering from us again when you see the deal that's just too sweet to pass up. We'll get it right.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Again, our sincere apologies,

    Bob (at

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