Groupon / they lie cheat and steal

United States

I recently purchased e-lites (electronic cigarettes) on Groupon, when I was checking out I made a mistake with my Visa password probably because I use PayPal so much I got mixed up with my password. Anyway as I had used the voucher and my purchase hadn’t been accepted my Voucher was deemed used. I got in touch with them and explained but no reply, I would advise anyone to be very careful when redeeming the voucher or else just stay away from them. Terrible way to treat a customer.. I won’t be going back.

Groupon’s makes there sales staff lie to potential clients to get your confidence and business then screws you. I signed on thinking we would sell 100 deals the sales person let it go to 204 deals which is killing my business . When contacted all you get is well the contract didnt say there was a cap. Verbally they do everything. They lie cheat and steal. All governments should bam them and shut them down. Us and Europe. I am hoping to get a class action lawsuit against Groupons they need to be stopped!!


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