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I went traveling on Greyhound twice, and on both times, one from San Antonio to Wisconsin, and San Antonio to North Carolina. If I didn't have a fear of flying I would have rather put up with the security checkins at the airport. I went both times to bee my husband before he went to Iraq and he was training in both those states, in both of those trips coming to and from I experienced agressive, rude drivers, when I would ask about where to go, they would respond with smart ### questions, they threw people off the bus for no reason, at one point in one state, the bus smelled of smoke, the bus driver slammed on his brakes, stopped on the side of a highway and demanded to know who was smoking on the bus, thing was noone had been smoking, we told the bus driver and for some reason he thought we were trying to cover up for the "mysterious smoker" well he put a shield up so noone could exit the bus, and called the cops, while we were all sitting there, some sparks flew out of a passenger's seat and when we told the driver about it, he said we were all lying! Then the troopers arrived and just pretty much yelled at the bus, it was unbelievable! and then to top that off, while I was coming back from Columbia, N.C and arrived at the Atlanta greyhound station, I asked a staff member which door do I stand at, they directed me to the wrong door and I missed my bus and had to wait 4 hours for the next bus to come along, it is horrible. It's bad enough that you have to travel with some odd people, but the staff doesn't make anything easier or better, either employees on the bus, or in the stations. Everyone is plain rude. Don't fall for the commercials and their deals, it's NOT worth it! Not to mention you get stopped randomly by immigration people and they ask you if you're from Mexico or not, it's crazy. Don't travel the Greyhound.

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