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I have never been so disgusted with a company in my life.

Not only are your buses, and stations nasty and filthy. Your employees are rude and nasty to customers. The driver that took us from Richmond, Virginia to New York, NY is a [censored]. I asked a simple question if this was the bus taking us to NY and he went off about being a vet and serving his country and saying that I never served my country and he gets paid once a month and he has some words for Donald Trump. What the hell does any of this have to do with the question I asked. All the drivers yell and [censored] at the people that pay their salaries.

Your company is no good you need to be closed down and get off the streets for good. You are of no service to anyone. This bus line has gone down hill so badly. Nasty bunch of people. Every bus driver has a crappy, nasty, attitude and they don't deserve to work.

Jun 04, 2018
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  • Ra
      Jun 17, 2018

    For several days now I've been trying to get a ticket to get away from Phoenix. On the 15th of June, two ladies operating the ticket counter disrespected me by saying, " that's the guy with HIV". Right before then I showed them paper work proving that the rumor the initiator posted on Facebook was false, all they replied was, " sorry, we're not allowed to dwell into personal matters". Now, to me, this sounds very hypocritical, making that statement afterwards. I respectfully addressed a security guard there and told him what was said. Not sure if he took it upon himself to address the situation or not.
    The short heavy set lady disappeared and the lady with wild hair and glasses remained. A lot of sirs came from here lips then. Felt very disrespected by these two and others employed by the Sky Harbor Greyhound on 24th/ Buckeye. Going to see what a lawyer thinks about it.

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