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Family of 7 travelled from Washington DC to Brooklyn Monday Oct 2nd...well the ticket I booked said Brooklyn.
We arrive at station in DC 7am to check in luggage and the teller acted as if we had interrupted her morning sleep. Rude, no smile, no customer service. I gave her the tickets and she processed without speaking to me. My name was spelt incorrectly on the tickets she issued back to me. The ticket also said New York. When I questioned her and another member if it should say Brooklyn, I was told it was fine.
Our female driver them took my original ticket I printed at home which had Brooklyn listed. I asked her if I could have them back as they had the Brooklyn part of my ticket on it, I was brushed away and told to board...she actually wouldn't look at me or address me, she just waved her hand and brushed us all off.
Then our driver makes an unscheduled stop in Delaware and says to make sure we are all back by 9.10am. She took off at 9.08am and left 3 passengers behind...yes we checked our watches.
When we arrived in NY, we could not board our next and only bus to Brooklyn that day with 7 large suitcases as we had no ticket. A lovely lady at the kiosk assisted in printing another. Back down to board we went only to be told, we had Peter Pan tickets. I bought Greyhound over the website from Australia and my tickets said Greyhound. He wouldn't let us on and I went to Peter Pan where I was told " we don't go to Brooklyn" SO back again we went to Greyhound. Again he refused to check the tickets and said they were Peter Pan.
Finally, instead of arguing with 6 exhausted people waiting, we called an UBER and got the hell away from these incompetent staff members at Greyhound.
The 3 that were left behind has all there luggage on board and sent a friend to collect. Driver refused to speak to him and even denied leaving them behind. It was like watching a comedy. She was arrogant and rude.
What I learnt...I will never ride Greyhound again and will be telling my story far and wide over social media and any and every opportunity I get.

I had also taken a Greyhound from Florida to Fredericksburg, VA on the 22nd Sept 1pm and can say we had a fantastic experience. It was a very long trip but we were dealt with courteously by the counter staff, porters and drivers. I can not compliment this branch of Greyhound enough. Maybe get these people to train the monkeys in DC and NY.

Oct 23, 2017

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