Greyhound Bus Lines / unsafe

United States

My daughter and I were on our way from Claremont, CA to Saint George, Utah. This was our first time traveling by bus. While we were waiting in the bus station for our bus to arrive. There were several buses coming in and we were trying to find out which one was our bus, but we couldn't get any of the drivers to respond back to our question. They would just ignore us, completely. And that was a bad sign just from the beggining. We had to go inside and ASK the people inside if it was. That's how our trip started. At our 1st stop there was a lady driving. WE stopped in barstow at mcdonalds. Once 30 min. passed by she was about to take off with two ladies missing! Luckily a guy came and told her and he went to get them. But who leaves their passengers alone when they pay good money for that? (They should do a bus count) So Once we arrived for our 2nd stop at the Las Vegas station, it was disgusting and so dirty. While we were boarding our bus again, there was a different driver but he still had a very bad attitude. But the worst part of our trip was when we saw the driver DIALING ON HIS CELL PHONE WHILE DRIVING. And my daughter and I started to get very nervous. Then he hung up and went on the phone AGAIN! A man came up complained about the air conditioning in the back and he told him in a very rude way that there was nothing they could do and they could always go back after they've driven for an hour. After that, he got on the phone for the 3rd time and by then I had enough. We were going to go through very curvy mountains + a full bus IT IS NOT SAFE TO BE ON A SELF PHONE AT ALL WHEN DRIVING. So then, I got up and told him that My daughter and I are getting nervous and to please not be on the cell phone. And of course, a rude response, he said "I'm trying to do my job. I know what I'm doing. If you're nervous we can go back to the Vegas station, young lady" It made me VERY upset. I told him it's easier to put the phone down. (Because of course I've watched OPRAH about the texting/calling while driving. To top it off he was looking down and dialing. There could have been an accident.) After that, luckily he did not go on and we safely arrived. But when we got off the bus he was a completely different person and the way he talked was different, he obviously realized that I would report him and I still will. Apparantly the drivers need MORE TRAINING because they have the life of 50 people in their hands. And on the phone while driving isn't responsible at ALL. Greyhound bus drivers should also learn how to treat customers. I am very disappointed and will not be going on the Greyhound bus lines ever again.

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