Great Clips, Inc / unfair treatment of employees

NC, United States

I have worked for Great Clips in general on/off for about 8 years. They all pretty much run the same. Some are a little more corporate than others. For every city there are about 6-8 different Franchises, and each owner runs his or her store pretty much they way they want to. I have worked for one that went exactly by the book as far as policies, point systems, specific blackout dates, etc. It is a good franchise as far as equal hiring goes but equal pay & equal treatment-well that right there is a whole different ball game. I know for a fact that this company does not pay all stylists equal nor treat all stylists equal. They definitely have an agenda before they even hire a person. For example, a lot stylist get hired only for a season and they don't even know it. Most of the time they hire stylist for upcoming promotions like a $5.99 sale only to slowly weed them off the schedule later. Some only hire African Americans because of affirmative actions laws but they never intend on keeping them. I have been the victim of this before, they use until they can replace you with someone Caucasian. I have seen it numerous times and I know for a fact that they pay them more than they pay African Americans. When I was hired they told me I was getting paid such and such amount an hour, another stylist friend of mine who is Caucasian-they asked her what she wanted to get paid per hour. The point is, research a company and ask a lot of questions before you work for them. Yes, for them it's all about making money, most of them do not give incentives for things that they should. I could go on and on about this company. If you have a family, this company is definitely not for you. I hope I have helped someone.

Thanks for your time!!!

Apr 08, 2013

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