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Makati, Philippines

I would like to file a complaint against the Grab driver Jerome Robles Pabico who WAS so DISRESPECTFUL. His plate number is NR3062 with Booking code ADR-[protected] issued to King Laureola today, June 14, 2017.

Hope you had an enjoyable ride! Your slogan does not match with the manner by which your driver is behaving. I did not have an enjoyable ride. Really, I did not have an enjoyable ride AT ALL!!! Mr. Jerome Pabico even dared to say that he will accompany me if I want to file a complaint at your office. How disdainful and unbecoming of a Grab driver. He even said that I should have ridden a taxi because my daughter went down in Crossing. I don’t think it was a problem since it was along the way. He was also making an alibi that I should have informed him earlier that somebody will go down in Crossing to avoid accidents because he was on the left lane and he also added that a traffic officer may call his attention and might issue a ticket because my daughter got down. Even if my daughter went down in Crossing, she did not spend seconds to get down and it is a loading and unloading area. I do not think it was too much of a hassle. I know he wants to be paid more because he said there were 2 drop offs. He said I should have informed the Grab office. If it is along the way, I don’t think Grab will lose money and besides my colleagues and my friends do the same thing as well. I guess it was the ATTITUDE of your driver. Mr. Pabico even said that the customer should not meddle on which way to go. I beg to disagree. I pay for the fare even if it is a fixed rate. He acted as if he was doing me a favor. Your rates are even higher than that of taxis and Uber. You have competitors. You earn from your customers and there is a saying that the customer is always right. What if I tell my friends or in social media not to patronize Grab because of this terrible incident.
I am the mother of King Laureola and I would like to know if your drivers do have a seminar on how to be courteous or well-mannered with their passengers/customers. I am a customer and I HAVE ALL THE RIGHT TO DEMAND. He stopped across St. Francis Church and did not bring me in St. Francis. I had to walk and cross the street and go up to where the church is located. What kind of service was that? Do you think it was ENJOYABLE that I have to walk under the heat of the sun? It is so disgusting.
I cannot just let this go hence this letter to your office. Hope you act on this and I know that this is not the image Grab would like. Besides, it is not a good image for Grab.
I do not know how Mr. Pabico was given a driver’s license.
Please investigate and make the necessary sanction. Drivers who are disrespectful should not be tolerated by your company and should not be given a driver’s license because it will cause you trouble and future accidents. It is not a good image for Grab.
Hoping for your immediate reply and action on this matter.

Very truly yours,


Jun 14, 2017

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