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Goodwill Store / harassment and discrimination

1 S. Interstate 8 Frontage RdFoothills AZ Store 86, United States

In 2015 I was an employee at the Goodwill Store located in Foothills, AZ. During that time the manager, Diane, was discriminatory and harassed me for the last few months before I was fired. The reason why I was fired by my job was due to an alleged accusation of me asking a customer, to buy me a set of pots. When the customer reached the register, the manager told the customer that the pots could not be sold to her. Immediately after that, Diane, the manager, called me to the back and told me I was fired since I could not purchase merchandise at the store. Evidently, this was not the main reason she fired me, since she had been harassing me to back her up with a story accusing two other employees of stealing. When Diane, the manager, had told me to say that two other employees were stealing from the store, I refused. Since I had not cooperated with her story, Diane did not like the fact that I was refusing to help her in accusing the other two employees of stealing, she then fired me. When I say that the manager was harassing me, I mean that she kept calling me back to her office (multiple times) and at home to cooperate with her and her accusation towards the two other employees. I continued to refuse to cooperate with her accusation towards the other 2 employees, as an end result she fired me. When the District Managers come to the store, they should speak to all employees (individually) without the manager present, they would then find out how this manager discriminates against Hispanics and how she treats her employees. During the time I was employed by Goodwill, I observed that her discrimination against Hispanics was very noticeable, since she gives her Hispanic employees twice the work load compared to her favorite employees (non-Hispanic), that she even lets them sleep in the back room. She should not be in this managing position, since her treatment to her Hispanic employees is very unprofessional and degrading. When a manager yells and harasses her employees due to their race and lack of academic preparation, this person does not deserve a leading position. It is unfortunate that employees cannot speak up due to fear to get fired. Being a working class woman that lives pay-check-to paycheck, it makes it extremely difficult to be heard or for that matter to speak up when discrimination is evident. As far as I am aware, this store is one of the few stores that has a significant amount of employee chaos, since she is the cause of all issues. I am not accusing the corporation, but the manager of this store and her name is Diane. I am not acting out of spite but out of concern for my ex co-workers since they are afraid to speak up and lose their job. They have to still suffer daily humiliation from this manager. My assumption on this is perhaps, the employees must contact fair labor commission to see if this manager will once and for all be put in her place. A desirable resolution of this complaint should result in a deep and thorough investigation which eventually should lead to relieve her from her position.

Jan 18, 2016

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