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I went to goodwill looking for some shirts to start a new job. There sign said all shirts $3.00. I found 2 shirts went to the register to checkout and the manager told me one of the shirts was not on sale its was going to cost me $22! Because it was name brand. I proceeded to tell her there no exclusion to your sign that says ALL SHIRTS $3.00. She told don't me it doesn't matter everyone knows this brand name is excluded. Well for one how is everyone suppose to know if there's no sign and 2 it's a goodwill store! Why on earth are they charging retail prices when the clothes are donated! She refused to sell me the shirt for the $3.00.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Jensen Beach, FL I asked for her managers number and asked her to hold the shirt for me. I called and left her a message. The other manager called me back and after about 10 minutes of trying to explain to me why this brand name was not on sale even though there was no sign saying exclusion apply she decided to tell me I could go back and get the shirt this one time for the $3.00. I went back to the store asked the manager that was there early that I put the shirt on hold with to please get me shirt that I spoke with the other manager and she was going to call you to let me have it at $3.00. She told ne she put the shirt back I went to look for it of course it was gone. I can not imagine how this place stays ope with charging outrageous prices for clothes and having such poor customer service.

Feb 17, 2015
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  •   Feb 17, 2015

    Some one at the store wanted the shirt, got it for the $3.00 and probably got an employee discount.

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