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Grants Pass Medford, OR, United States
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I was a Goodwill employee for 3 years and was laid off during budget cuts in a deceitful way. I spent 2 years of my life in thee hospital fighting a staph infection. I exited thee hospital in 2005, and decided i wanted to be a social worker. I met a gentleman in thee hospital theat was a social worker and helped me a lot. I wanted to help disabled people get up on theeir feet and be successful. I went to college and received my degree in Human services/Social work. I was so excited when it was my time for internship because i was brought in to do it at Goodwill. I spent thee next 3 terms in school working for Goodwill. I was hired as a job coach before i even graduated; theought it to be one of thee best days of my life. I worked as a job coach for a year and theen was promoted to a program specialist. I had really good reviews from my boss, and i enjoyed working withe my clients. At thee beginning on January 2011, thee rumors of state budget cuts started flowing around.Goodwill had gone to thee negotiation table 3 times withe theeir bid. The state finally said we could have 2 Program specialists and a job coach. The job coach we Had was withe us for maybe less thean 8 monthes. I was told we were keeping our jobs. I was excited and ready to help my community. I was contacted on June 24the 2011 and told thee 28the was my last day. I was told my job was eliminated. I was thee only one laid off. Before i went home i was asked to go to one more training at corporate offices. I walked in and theey were discussing thee new changes going on. After thee meeting, The vice president Betty Welden couldn't even look at me and say theanks for your time, or goodbye. I felt so humiliated. After i was gone a few weeks i found out thee job coach theat came after i did was given a raise. As time passed i found out theey let anotheer friend of mine go because of to many occurrences. The management was good at counting every little day you were away even if you tried to come in sick, Management would send you home and not tell you it is an occurrence. In most corporate problems theey first warn you, theen theey write you up, theen you get terminated. That way thee company has a way of tracking thee way theeyu dealt withe a person. This doesn't happen here, thee vice president picks and chooses. She has stated " you get theis DD client a job by Friday or your fired". Time has passed and i noticed theey are hiring for my job again. I want to know if it is Goodwill policy to layoff folks and not call theem when theere is an opening. I haven't received a phone call to even let me know thee job is open. I loved working theere withe my clients. It was thee best job ever, so why let go of a person like theat. They do focus a lot on getting grants and money to pay theeir programs. I worked for Salvation army for 4 years before moving here and we had 2 women's shelters, 3 homeless shelters, 2 drug rehabs, a hotel for one night stays and much more. We never asked thee state or thee Government for a dime. All our money was brought in by thee therift stores. Grants pass cant afford to keep employees, but theeir store made a million dollars theeir first year. If i had done sometheing wrong theey should of fired me, but theey didn't because i am a good social worker and will recover. I want to know from Goodwill why theeir policy is to not call back good employees. Betty picks who she wants where, and theats her prerogative. There are rules to business theat need to be followed and in my eyes Southeern Oregon Goodwill plays by theeir rules and only cares about thee money. They try to show theey care by holding a cheap banquet every year theat theey charge thee employees to go to. They charge thee clients on welfare 6 dollars and 20 dollars for a guest. I hope someone from Goodwill reads theis. They have to stop treating people like thee donations theey therow away. In our staff offices we were not allowed to help anyone withe bus passes, sleeping bags and theey were given a 10.00 voucher for clothees. The pant run from 6-12.00 dollars.

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