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Goodwill Industries / giant scam!

1 1113 WESTERN BLVD.Jacksonville, NC, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 910-455-2025

Get this! This guy that worked for Goodwill had a fire which resulted in a total loss. He came to work with no shoes on. He was sent home and received a writeup for showing up at work dressed inappropriately. He asked for clothes until he got paid and was refused. Also the employees were instructed not to give him money or anything. That tells you what kind of people run this place.

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  • Ch
      31st of Jul, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Thanks for exposoing them for who they are! we will not be donating there anymore.

  • Fl
      22nd of Nov, 2010
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    This simply confirms everything horrible I have seen happen with "GOOD"will over the past couple years. (2007-2010).

    Rude, almost abusive employees...prices that are ABOVE retail "sale" prices...and those rude, "minimum wage" employees who walk around with more gold around their necks than I EVER could could have afforded in my whole life when I had a good job. The jobs in my particular industry, and at my experience level have paid about $50, 00-$70, 00 depending on area of country. Even before I had a child and became a single mom...before the current 3-year recession...before losing my good job when I had plenty of disposable cash...I could NEVER, EVER have afforded the disgusting amount of gold that the Managers, and (certain employees) wear! (not that I would ever be tacky enough to load myself up like a hooker)

    I mentioned to one Manager at a store (in my polite and friendly way of speaking with people I run across) that "Wow, it must a great "perk" to be able to get "fist dibs" on the good stuff that comes in". She then told me, (of course, extremely rude and nasty for no reason) that she didn't get any of her gold necklaces from Goodwill. WHO IS SHE KIDDING?? Does she actually think I (anyone) was born yesterday and are all stupid and we actually BELIEVE that? Again, even with my great jobs, I could NEVER afford the amount of gold around her neck and wrists. Honestly, with that particular manager as just one example I've seen...if you gathered together all her this rope, chain, etc. necklaces of real gold, it would be equal to the width of (AT LEAST) the diameter of a cardboard paper towel roll center. That is 1 and 1/2" inches around...1 and 1/2" thick! And gold is going for $1, 365.00 per oz, which is 30 grams.
    I am a single unemployed Mom, and had wrongly "assumed" that Goodwill Stores sold their items at an appropriate low costs for used, donated items, to help those in need.

    Boy, was I wrong. Goodwill sells items in their stores at astronomical prices in order to pay higher-than-average salaries of the entire organzation. Check this by Googling their salaries, which have to be available to the public as a "non-profit" org., then check The "GW Organizatin is HUGE and includes the salaries of...Corporate Headquarter Managers, Directors, Senior Officials, PLUS...Retail Store division staff. Regional, District and actual store-level staff. GW's profits also "supposedly" fund Programs which they say give help to either disabled or needy people. But, after all I've learned in 3 years about the way the Org. runs, my horriic experiences with the rude and nasty store employees and managers, and the unbelievable retail store prices,
    I SERIOUSLY DOUBT that those "programs" benefit anyone. Or perhaps just a small amount of people, and not with enough impact to be truly beneficial. Based on the huge SIZE of this "non-profit" Organization Goodwill should have MANY MORE truly helpful programs, which are backed up in writing with proven, financial documents that show this. When I researched it, Goodwill was at the BOTTOM of the list of "non-profit" organizations in terms of..."What amount of revenue received MINUS their organization expenditures is left and is actually used/available for programs to help the needy or disabled." OR, in other words..."G.W. was the least efficient in controlling their operating costs, in order to be able to have enough money to help people" (compared to all same type non-profits)

    But the GW Retail stores DO NOT HAVE PRICES that benefit the buyer. People who shop at Goodwill are supposed to be doing it "n order to help Goodwill". Buyers are shopping there as another way of donating or adding money to their revenue to help fund what programs they have afer organization expenditures.
    That is the mistake that people like me and you have made. We "assumed" the name "Goodwill" on the retail store meant that the store was there to help us. Goodwill did NOT set-up their Retail stores for that purpose. They need to be really clear to the public about their mission of their Retail Stores, (and fix their employee CSR, high salaries and poor org. operating expenses) or they are going to fail very soon in 2010.
    That would actually be the BEST THING that could happen, because I firmly believe that Goodwill is now seriously "corrupt" on many levels throughout Goodwill. This opinion is based on information I've read about Goodwill Industries, which is publically disclosed and documented PLUS what I've personally experienced and observed in ALL of their retail stores I've been in... There is a serious probability that "Organized Crime" is rampant Definitely at the Store level and District "distribution" level by theft and then re-directing the donated "valuable items" into the hands of "eBay-type" brokers who sell them, and as with all organized crime, the profits are divided up amoung those involved. the more efficient non-profits would receive GW's revenue to fund their truly helpful programs.

  • Ch
      23rd of Nov, 2010
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    I went to goodwill today just looking around and they had an artificial tree for sale for 89.99 when at walgreens the tree is 39.99 i do not know how they continue to do it.

  • Ch
      23rd of Nov, 2010
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    I agree! When i was in the goodwill there were employees that were going through bins and hiding stuff in a cardboard box, (i dont think they were just sorting it because the stuff being sorted was going in these big white rolling bins.) I have had situations where the employees take something im buying and change the price last minute and say oh thats better quality or...they messed up pricing that...that means that they wanted it i assume.

  • Sl
      24th of Nov, 2010
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    I love second hand stores. If your looking for a deal go to a independent second hand store. I was always on a budget when my kids were little, and I have gotten many things at low prices. I like the Choc stores they have in LA and In OC in California. Going to nice areas second hand stores sometimes you can buy very nice stuff at a steal. Look in your own neighborhoods, and help local thrift stores thrive. If you don't agree with the way this organization runs or charges, than don't shop from there. There are plenty other second hand shops to help us on a tight budget. I love to shop at a second hand store a few blocks away. I have found some wonderful buys there. Also, jeans are usually priced really low, and for growing kids, that always helps. I always like shopping locally and helping struggling second hand shops in my area. I get a great deal, and in return, they have my repeat business. I am saving money, and helping the local economy. So everyone wins.

  • Mo
      18th of Dec, 2014
    +1 Votes

    And if you think about it, why are there so very few report's of Goodwill customer's finding big treasure / Valuable item's at goodwill stores? With all the Donation's from so many different sources, There would be more report's if Goodwill Employees were allowed to take donated item's, and talk about it, (The Goodwill Employee's are Paid, They are not Volunteer's) But then who would like the Newspaper Story of: 'Goodwill Employee Finds & Keeps a Donated Item Worth $78.000, A Unemployed Goodwill Customer Would have bought it, If, The Goodwill Employee had not kept the Donated item for his own personal use and profit!' Even the Goodwill Employee, with the arrogant 'Im entitled to it' attitude is not that Stupid, If that Goodwill Employee did report he found and kept a valuable Donated item at Goodwill, then said Employee would be viewed as what he truly is, A Criminal, A Thief, even if the Goodwill Employee's Misconceptions of Entitlement which are generated by Management as some kind of 401 K, Mislead the Goodwill Employee's that it is OK, to keep Donated Item's at Goodwill. No matter how much the donated item is worth, The Smug & Vain Goodwill Employee is Deprived of his Day in the Sun, of basking in the Public Limelight of adoration shown to big lottery winner's and such, why? because the Goodwill Employee is not a winner when he takes Donated item's from goodwill, and if The Goodwill Employee that takes Donated Items is not a winner, Then he must be a Loser and a Criminal! And there would be more reports of Goodwill Customer's finding Treasure / Valuable item's if the Goodwill Employees did not steal donated item's at epidemic proportions, as if it is not a criminal act (it is).

  • Ma
      7th of Jan, 2016
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    I agree GW is lacking in goodwill, also what people don't know is that they throw out items that are not sold at the end of the week. I witness an employee throwing glass items into a bin and didn't care if they broke and when I ask what's done with them, he reply that they throw them out in the dumpster. I think this is so wrong and then I ask why they couldn't donate them to a homeless shelter especially since they got it for free and he reply no they can't. I also witness where they remove the items of color on tuesday which is the beginning of the week of the sale color item. Which means by the end of the week you will not find any items of that color for sale. I find this to be unfair practice, if a retail store advertise a sale for the week and then removed all sale items and just left non-sale items at regular price that would be consider illegal business practices. The government or consumer business groups should really get on them. It is really unethical what they are doing and not helping the poor as they are suppose to. It seems the only ones that can afford to shop at GW are the rich people who like to keep there money.

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