GoodLife Fitnesson the phone service/ cancellation of membership

Dear Goodlife Fitness Team,

My name is Valentina Lyubiteleva and I have been a Goodlife member for the last few years. I love the gym but, I urgently had to leave the country overseas for Humanitarian Work. I am not sure when exactly I will be back but for sure will be settled here intil the end of August. In this situation, I called one of the locations I used to go to to but they refused to cancel my membership as I was not able to show up in person. I did receive a 1-800 toll free number from your staff but could not get through and trying to get through with this email. At this moment I would like to cancel my membership with Goodlife and not be charged any longer or if that option is not available, put my membership on hold until I come back.

Please email me back at [protected]

Awaiting your response,


May 15, 2017

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