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R Feb 28, 2017 Review updated:

What a mission to speak with anyone having authourity. Impossible to file a complaint regarding a Manager at a location. Why would they be directing me to contact the gym where I am the member when the complaint is about the Manager at the location and how she manages this gym.
You call the toll free number and on hold for over 30 minutes listening to ####. This gym is cutting back in all the wrong places.


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      Dec 14, 2018

    I cancelled my membership at three locations but they dont stop taking money out so had to close my bank account, now they dont stop hrassing me by e mail. goddam the good life its hell life

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      Sep 07, 2019

    My car got hit in the parking lot at the Brock road location in Picketing and my experience was the same. They don't make it easy to speak to anyone because they simply don't care. I commend you for sharing this experience so everyone can be aware as I did as well. NEVER give Goodlife your hard earned money!

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