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GoodLife Fitness / personal trainers & corporate response

1 Kanata, Ontario, Canada Review updated:

I joined Goodlife with the idea of possibly doing some personal training. I finally got in to do an assessment and talk to someone about Personal Training. It was a huge amount of money and I didn't want to commit without trying it first, so through my corporate membership I found out we had an introductory deal of 12 sessions for $230 (approx). It was a perfect way of trying out the PT and see if I like the trainer and the programme, etc. etc. I went in to sign up and get in the car and notice it says 6 sessions. I call right away and they indicate that it's not actually 12, it's 6 sessions for 1hr. Ok, whatever, I'll ignore the bait and switch and try it out (there was actually not that much of a deal really). After talking to one PT after finally contacting them (GoodLife really really really needs to get a better way of putting Personal Trainers and the customer together, like online, email, ANYTHING!) I find out that he only does mornings so I'm passed on to another trainer. We finally talk and work out a schedule. Than I go in for my first training session after 3wks of trying to set something up and I have yet another trainer because the other is "too busy". I feel like a throw away, pass along. It really doesn't inspire me to go to the gym for sure! I'm upset because I didn't even get a call from the second trainer to tell me and the third trainer didn't have time today to take me through a programme. He was than behind the counter chatting with another employee when I was on my way out. Very frustrating.

I have no idea why I filled out the forms (two forms by the way) because no one reads them obviously, just a front for looking like they care and that I will be matched appropriately! I was told that on the 4th training session I would be asked if I would like to continue. At this point of time, it's a definite NO! I'm actually rethinking keeping my membership altogether. Maybe going somewhere where someone actually cares. I've since found more dedicated businesses with 1 on 1 training and nutritional planning for less than GoodLife and they don't charge you prior to doing the sessions.

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  • Ju
      3rd of Jun, 2009
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    I've been a member at Toronto's Bloor Park club for many years. When I joined, it was owned by Sports Clubs of Canada. Then Bally took it over and things deteriorated somewhat. Little did we know how bad things could get until Goodlife took it over. It's stunning how they allow things to go on forever with no attention. Example - the ladies' washroom needed to be retiled for close to a year and was actually completely closed for a number of days ("you can use the washroom in the mall downstairs'!). For weeks prior to them finally getting the work done there was one proper cubicle and one toilet surrounded by a tarp - clearly not enough for upwards of 40 women if there's a class on! Equipment takes a very long time to be repaired as well and cleaning staff has had hours reduction. The only thing they have going for them is location (can't do much about that fortunately). Would be nice if a quality organization were to purchase but it would cost a lot to bring it back up to standard.

  • Jo
      16th of Dec, 2009
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    I am a member of the Goodlife/Nubody's club, Portland Street, Dartmouth NS. The Nubodys chain was bought out by Goodlife in the summer. I had left Nubodys because my favorite trainer was escorted out of the building. This man was able to improve my health dramatically and helped my wife rehab from a WHEELCHAIR or WALKER due to a 15 year balance disorder to running on the treadmill, doing travelling lunges and STANDING ON A STABILITY BALL. I refused to go to a gym that treated its employees that way. It is my firm belief that the fact that this man was an African Nova Scotian, played a major part in his dismisal.
    When Goodlife bought the chain I returned to my old gym and found the same staff there. The trainer who had helped my wife and myself so much had taken a full time job as a Fire Fighter just prior to his fireing - imagine that, you would not want a hansome black fire fighter on staff at a gym, it might look too good. He was now working out at the gym and ocasionally give advise to people when they asked for it.
    I had mistakenly thought that Goodlife was a good company to work for and would run a good gym - NOT SO. Today the gentleman who was fired as a trainer was asked to leave again - THIS TIME FOR HELPING HIS AUNT USE THE EQUIPMENT PROPERLY. Not only does this gym fire people for being exceptional trainers, they kick out members for helping their relatives.
    Can you say "lawsuit on grounds of racial discrimination"?

  • Ch
      9th of Aug, 2010
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    They did the same here in Calgary too. Me and my husband bought into the sessions ($5000!!) and were passed back and forth between personal trainers. After 7 months we have yet to have a session. All the trainers quit before the first sessions ( i think the count is 3 or 4 trainers who have quit). Now we are stuck trying to sell them with Goodlife now telling us that there is an "expiry date" on the sessions and after a year we get nothing and they get our $5000! You go from being a client to just a number. Goodlife is definitely in it for the money with no concern for their "clients" aka paying customers

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