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I was at the Golden Corral in Westland, MI on April 28th. It was at 4:10 pm. So it was the dinner menu. I was at the meat cutting line. The two customers before me asked for two pieces of medium done steak. They got what they wanted without any harassment. When I placed my order, it was for medium well and I requested two pieces. The person who was cutting the steak, his name was Cummings. He was a young to middle aged African America. He gave me one piece of over cooked steak.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Westland, MIWhen I asked him very politely and reiterated that I had requested two pieces. He snapped at me and said, " when there is a line, ask me for only one piece". I reminded him that the previous two customers had asked for the same thing and I thought that was customary. he tried to argue with me. I think due to the fact that I am of ethnic origin, he was extremely discriminatory to me. Although I have lived in Michigan for some 42 years. I have experienced this kind of overt racism before at this location. I drove 32 miles one way for this kind of treatment. I'll make sure I don't visit this location again!

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    I went to the golden corral in westland, mi. It was about 4:10. So it was the dinner menu. I was standing in line for my meat to be cut. The gentleman cutting my steak was named cummings. He was a young to middle aged african american male. He served two previous african american individuals before me. He served them two pieces of steak. When he asked me what I wanted? I stated"two pieces of the steak medium well" this cruel. Cheap ### was exceptionally rude. He gave me one piece of tiny burnt piece of meat. When I reiterated and said very politely I wanted two pieces, he said, "when there is a line, you will only get one piece of meat" when I told him that his previous two customers had received and gotten two pieces of steak, he said something in the effect of, "I know". I believe because of my ethnic origin, cummings discriminated against me. I drove 32 miles from bloomfield hills mi. Drove with my entire family for this kind of overt racism. I'll make sure I go to a different restaurant from now on.

Apr 30, 2017

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