Golden Corralovercharged at golden corral

J Nov 28, 2017

I was at the Golden Corral in Pelham Alabama #0901 on Sunday 11-26-2017. I was charged for 3 adults and 3 children. There were only 2 adults. The extra charge was for $13.99. I noticed this on my credit card charge on 11-27-2017. I contacted them by phone and they told me there was only one person that could help me and he wasn't there. Mr. Kelly [protected]). They also told me I would have to come in and talk to this person. But, he drops in and out and couldn't tell me when he would be at the restaurant. This is ridiculous. I realize I should have caught it when the lady rang up my bill. They were busy and there was chaos during this lunch time. I live 30-40 minutes from this restaurant. Now If I want my bill corrected, I've got to call ahead to see if this 1 person is available and make arrangements to drive there. Not a good way to run a business and take care of customers. All I want is this charge removed from my bill. They should be capable of doing this over a simple phone call.

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