Golden Corral / management/employees

Store #0940
I am never going to this golden corral and that sucks because this is the only one near by. The food and waiting service was great no problems there but asking for cotton candy and having the lady roll her eyes and throw her hands around is was a big problem then she just walks away without asking if that was it. This happened to me twice maybe 20 min apart. Then when I asked for a manager to let them know I had to wait 10 minutes for him to get there. He didn't look me in the eyes are at me at all. Then talking to him was like talking to a 16 yr old McDonalds worker, kept saying umm and as for a solution to my problem I was told yeah she is like that and yes you are right. That's it nothing else was done. So more people are going to ask this lady for help and get the same #### service I received. Completely unacceptable.

Mar 28, 2017

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