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This week, Golden Corral had Veterans night, on the 13th of November. I was very happy to be there and I'm not wanting to sound like an ungrateful person. Indeed, I was very thrilled to be recognized for my service and to be offered a free meal. My husband went, and paid for his buffet dinner.

But this picture here I'm posting, is what I found next to me, on the wall. I took a picture of this roach, because corporate and others need to know about it. I showed the roach to a food server passing by and she got rid of it. We did not blame the wait staff and still left a tip for their service. It's not their fault.

Corporate needs to make the restaurant managers there in Sevierville, TN close that place down for several days, to do a bug extermination and cleaning. If roaches are in the dining room, there must be thousands more in the kitchen, getting into the food.

I don't come here that often, anymore. I used to love GC in the 1980's and 1990's, when you could also order steaks, baked potatoes and Texas toast, along with the salad bar. It wasn't just buffet only. GC has truly went downhill after 1999. The food does not taste good, anymore. You can tell that it's been sitting out for hours, and that it's low quality, generic food. It's as if they walked across the street to Aldi and stocked up on their cheap, generic, store brand canned goods and other expired food.

Again, I'm not trying to sound ungrateful. It was wonderful GC had a nice gathering for Veterans with singing and free dinners for Veterans, but the restaurant itself needs to improve.

Golden Corral

Nov 14, 2017

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