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My family and I visit Golden Corral in Montgomery, Alabama. We were excited about going there but when we got there we paid to eat. We found a place to sit down the waiter did not help us at all she did not come greet us. The whole time we were there she was engage in a conversation with one couple the whole time talking really bad about white people and it was a white couple there and I know they heard her because we did. That conversation made us upset on our stomach we couldn't enjoy our meal. Not one time did she assist any other couple that was in her area to serve. She stayed at that one table the whole entire time on the same conversation about white people. Finally another waiter came introduced herself we asked why wasn't we help the entire time we were there and the young lady said she just came on the shift and the other lady had just left. All of our dirty dishes was left with us we were never offed a refill or anything. I don't know who the lady was but I can assure you the company can find out who she is we sat in the area by the rest room at the window that over see the parking lot on the side of the building. The lady is a heavy set light skin woman the other three guest or I didn't receive any services from her. The only service we got from her was a ear full of racist conversation with one couple who she served the entire time. I would love for my family and I to continue to visit the establishment but not if she is working there.

Nov 15, 2017
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