Golden Corralaberdeen md owner is very racist.

H Jan 16, 2018 Review updated:

I would always go to golden corral in Aberdeen but now I stopped going due to the owner prejudices and a server who ignored refilling my drinks on three occasions. I told her that she was very racist and unprofessional
I actually gave a tip to the other white waitress who I had to call on to refill my drinks. I asked to speak to the owner only yo have a white assistant manager tell me that I complain to much and I am no longer welcomed. My name is Hadassah Israel and sometimes the food during lunch time is not cooked well. I have seen red blood come out of chicken and I told the assistant manager and he refunded my money and told me with a cold racist slur that my black skin was not welcomed. I am praying that the owner of Aberdeen be fined and that he will no longer work at this location. Oh. He hired only white waitress too. Go in the store for yourself and look at the employment divide. You may see one or two black faces but Latinos and other ethnic workers are very few. The owner is very unfriendly. Unapproachable and uncaring. You really need to check behind the Aberdeen MD Golden Corral. I was offended. I felt horrible and I have experienced poor service along with over six months of racism
Please get rid off this owner. He clearly does not no the word called Freedom and accountability. This owner is very racist. He represents your store. Is that how you want your customers to he treated with disrespect. I am disgusted. Very disappointed too.


  •   Jan 16, 2018

    Hadassah Israel? Is this post anti-Jewish? He hires only white waitresses but you may see one or two black faces. Huh???? Are we high?

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      Jul 21, 2018

    If everything was so crappy and they were racist there then why did you keep going back over the course of 6 months? Most people wouldn't return after the 1st time let alone multiple times over a 6 month period. I am sure it was the same owner from the beginning, probably same management as well. Not sure if you feel entitled to something or just love to complain. I personally wouldn't return to the same place I felt unwelcome the first time. It is obviously wrong if a business actually treats their customers like that but you also kept returning which makes me believe something isn't adding up here.

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