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GM / recall repairs

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On Friday 7/17 my 2008 Buick Enclave stopped working in the middle of a local & busy Highway 6. The car one hour earlier would not go in to reverse or drive. I gave it a break, turned it off and it went in to drive one last time after this.

After getting it to go, it stopped in the middle of a highway where other drivers were able to move me to safety after several attempts between my mother and I failed.

It was approximately 2pm on 7/17 when I learned from my regular State Farm insurance that this sort of thing would not be an issue I am covered under my Full Coverage with their company. I than turned to CarMax MAXCARE proveded through a warranty coverage company CarMax outsources to. This company is an inbound call center. This "covers" my used car purchase up to 200, 000 miles and "covers" transmissions, which was the apparent the failing part on the car.

MAXCARE told me to get the car to a repair shop (at no cost to them, towing would not be covered). My State Farm insurance covered towing to the nearest auto shop but not to a Buick/GM Dealership. It was taken to Leadfoot Linda's in Avon, CO. MaxCare told me all I needed to do is get a diagnostic and they would promptly get me into a rental car so I could get my four children at preschool and camp later that Friday afternoon.

The towtruck was unable to get the car from the side of the road until 5pm but the shop agreed to get the car looked at and diagnosed, staying extra hours to do so. They called MAXCARE and faxed the diagnostic but MaxCare was not opened when they did this. They left a message and sent a fax.

Leadfoot Linda's is closed on Saturday and Sunday and MaxCare would not accept their diagnostics via messages/fax as acceptable diagnosis so I was left without a car or a way to transport my 4 children for the weekend.

On Monday July 20, 2015 MAXCARE told me the shops diagnostic would not be sufficient and they would instead now have to take the transmission apart to reveal the reason for failure before covering the rental car. This would be approximately 8 hours of labor by the shop, an estimated $1000 that I would have to accept fees for, and it would be to MaxCare disgression whether or not they would cover the repairs or diagnostic.

On Tuesday July 21, 2015 I got to the airport because my rides were no longer available to get me to work and my children to school. I spent my last dollars on a car that would accommodate my kids and I to "buy me" two days of getting us around town and hope for a diagnosis.

July 23, 2015 I called Leadfoot Linda's to see how things were coming along. The tech assigned to my vehicle was unavailable and having family emergency. It was unknown when he or they would get to the diagnosis of my car. After my fourth call to Leadfoot Linda's they mentioned to me that this was a common issue with Enclave's and Rendezvous' coming in to the shop. They suggested I contact Buick GM with my VIN number because it was very likely that this was another recall.

I called CarMax after that to double check and see if they could help me at all. They aslo told me to contact GM Buick because after looking at the initial diagnostic along with my year/make/model and VIN number this would likely be one of two warranty issues. The transmission issue and also the Side Airbag recall. MaxCare ended up giving me all of the information to contact Buick / GM, and I did.

When I first got purchased the car from CarMax I contacted the dealerships in the area to have the known airbag recall taken care of as instructed by CARMAX. The repair was never taken care of due to high volume of repairs in my nearest dealerships and them not offering replacement transportation while they had the car with no known duration for repair. I'm a mother of four, have no child support for my kids ages 7, 5, 3, 3. I cannot be without a car, which is why I'm taking the time while at a computer at my make every effort possible to point out a major flaw in "special warranty coverage" for something that was no fault of my own.

My first call to Buick GM was amazing. I spoke with an adjuster name George who I spoke with for over two hours setting up repair, towing, free diagnostic and repairs. At the end of the two hours, George got off the line after speaking with a Dealership in Silverthorne (Cheryl suggested we take it to Glenwood Springs due to high volume of repairs and estimated date to LOOK at the car being 7/23) Javier with Mtn Chevorlet, told George and I on a threeway call that he could get the car in right away, would get me right in to a lender or Rental Car straight away and all of the above was agreed to at no charge to me.

Meanwhile, George explained to me the issue was common and they would take care of this under Special Policy Warranty "14404" specific to Enclaves, Rendevous etc.
This warranty covered a crack 670/675 in all AWD Buicks and my VIN number fell into the bad bunch.

When George disconnected from the call, the dispatcher told me I would need to give her $100 which I did not have and the entire plan evaporated.

7/23 I called Buick again in the morning only to be told none of what George set up is accurate. They called Javier on three way, and Javier said GM called him last night and they would not be servicing the vehicle anymore, that they had since become very busy and wouldn't be able to look at the car until possibly (no promises the following Thursday 7/30). The call was than escalated to a "Senior Adjuster" since I'd been misinformed by George. Steve, was very apologetic that nothing could or would be done with my car unless I figured out how to get the car to a shop and diagnosis.

I told Steve that I felt this was terrible customer service after being assured for two hours the night before by George and Buick that the tow, the diagnostic, and repairs would be at no charge to me. He told me he would look into it further and call me back. After three hours, and another day of panic that I would not be able to get home from work or pick up my kids AGAIN...I called Steve back. Steve was unavailable for the first of many calls. His coworker who told me she was sitting just a few seats away from Steve, ensured me he would return my call before leaving for the evening. Steve didn't call me back that night.

9am I called him, and Steve was unavailable.
10am I called back and Steve did answer and started to help me get the car towed as promised. He did make me pay $68for extra distance, quoted to me the night before $100. The 2nd dispatcher Askia quoted me $190. He called another dispatcher Lilliana who made the fee $68. My mother paid this fee for me.

The approval took 1 hour, but the car was setup for transfer to Mountain Chevrolet, Glenwood Springs. After the car was picked up I received a text message that the car was being transferred to Berthoud Motors, Glenwood Springs (never mentioned to me). I called the towing company and let them know I thought the car was going to Mtn Chevrolet. They told me they were given Berthoud Motors.

I called Berthoud Motors to follow up on the time frame I'd be looking at in diagnostics/repair and whether or not they would be as accomodating as Javier was at Mtn Chevrolet. I asked about the lender vehicle or rental set up for me that was offered by Mountain Chevrolet.

Not only did the gentleman tell me they were very busy and would not be looking at the car until the following Thursday (the same date that Leadfoot Lindas, the Chevrolet dealership in Silverthorne, Berthoud Motors, AND Mountain Chevrolet, Glenwood Springs [after telling us the opposite before speaking with GM told me the night before] since the incident on 7/17), but they would offer no rental car until after diagnostic and that remains unknown today 7/27/15.

I called Javier back and he explained to me that GM contacted him after my three way call with George, and he could no longer assist me. I've since played phone tag with Steve and spoken with Andrea (also a senior advisor) to help me while Steve was unavailable.

I have spent $289 in rental car fees, $68 in extra miles of towing to Glenwood Springs, and have no way of renting a car. I live in the mountains, there is no bus route near my home located atop a two mile incline.

The only offer I've had so far to assist me while GM/Buick makes time to diagnos my car is from Carmax to have their discounted rates of $30 a day for a midsize vehicle which would not hold me and my four children.

Possible job loss, possible loss of spots at day care AND camp I have my children in but cannot GET to while I am out of a car. I am a single mother, do not have extra car laying around, my friends and family work and we live up a two mile hill which I cannot walk my children up if we were to attempt using local bus routes not servicing our location.

Any suggestions in saving jobs, daycare, and camp spots? This is a life derailing situation and I have not heard from ANYONE, about my has now been 10 days with no transportation and if I took CarMax discount it would have cost me $390 in rental in addition to the $285 and $68 I've already put into this fiasco.

Jul 27, 2015
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      1st of Dec, 2015
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    fractured frame at 63k miles no accident or trauma. been in shop for month no progress needs gm certified repair . Call james at customer care who feels everything is fine despite no progress and refuses to expedite issue. This is 5th chevy for me and all junk but this is worst. This company is run just like the knuckleheads in our government that bailed them out.

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