GM / gm can't produce a part

We leased a 2016 Cadillac SRX in July 2016. One month later, we were rear ended. The damage to the SRX was estimated at around $14, 000. The collision center needed one final part to begin the repairs. It's been over 3 months and they are still unable to get the part from GM. There have been 6 promised delivery dates that have all fallen through. GM has failed to provide any information about this part and its availability. Because they cannot deliver the part or say when or if it will ever be delivered, the car is going to be considered a total loss. We chose to buy an American made car thinking that parts would always be available. We are so disappointed in GM and their failure to provide parts for the cars they manufacture and sell. We will lose about $8, 000 for the 4 weeks we were able to drive this car.


Dec 06, 2016

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