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Here is the copy of the letter to the GM CEO

Garry Ioffe, 240 Thelin Ct., Wilmette, IL 60091
Chevy HHR, VIN

Dear Mrs. Barra

I bought a used 2010 Chevy HHR in February 2011. After a few months the traction control started malfunctioning. Usually this occurred on a dry and smooth pavement where traction control is not needed.
As I approach 40 mph, suddenly the dash board warning light appears and the car starts shaking.
When I reduce speed to 15 to 20 mph then the warning light disappears and the car again behaves normally. However, upon gradual acceleration to about 35-40 mph this issue repeats up to 7 times in a row. I usually press the Traction Control button, but it does not help.
Suddenly, the car seems to work normally for a few weeks or even a one or two months and then the issue begins again.

I attempted to resolve this at Jennings Chevrolet in Glenview, Illinois.
I was advised to replace all four tires. I paid over $700, but that did not help.
Afterward, I was given a recording device to record the code of the problem.
I used this device to record several (4 or 5) episodes, but upon returning the device to the technician, I was informed that nothing was recorded. I was given the device again to use for several months, and I pressed the Record button during five occurrences. When I brought the recording device back, I was told that nothing was recorded. I was then asked to leave the car for a technician to drive for a week with the hope that he could record something using a different device.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Wilmette, IL Again nothing was recorded.

Not being able to fix my problem, Jennings offered me a $5, 000 certificate that was issued by GM. This certificate is a nice gesture but it is not enough to help me, considering my situation. The certificate is only good for a new GM vehicle and since the Chevy HHR model is no longer being manufactured, the only car which has a cargo space like HHR model is Equinox LS. The amount of trade-in credit I could potentially receive for my car is approximately $4, 000 ( from Kelly book), plus the GM certificate of $5, 000 still leave me with roughly $12, 000+ of out of pocket expense, which I cannot afford. When I bought my car I was expecting to be able to drive it safely and comfortably for about 10 years, but this recurring problem is preventing me from being able to drive safely. Every time I get into my car, I feel like I am risking my life. I have been suffering with this problem since February of 2011 and there is no resolution in sight.
What would you do in a situation like mine? Would you like to drive unsafe car?

I use to be a GM fan. In 1989 I bought a used 11 yrs old Chevy Station Wagon, 8 cyl. I was driving it for 3 yrs and still the engine was working like new. Later I had Buick 6 cyl and used it for many years without problems. I believe that GM can make good and reliable cars.

What I am hoping is that you can find a way to help me replace my existing car with a reliable car that has a cargo space like Chevy HHR or lager without any additional expense, as a way to compensate for the risking and suffering dur5bing all these years.

Thank you for considering my situation,

Feb 09, 2015

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