General Motors / performance of 2014 chevy spark-vin #kl8cf6s91ec421749

Saint Augustine, FL, United States
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Please note: this is submitted not to complain about the service or customer service received at Jack Wilson Chevy, St Augustine, FL but what I understand to be directive and handling as coming from General Motors Corporation. I have a copy of Technical Bulletin # PIP5312A dealing with my problem which is being described as handling for the poor and dangerous performance of our vehicle. After reading this several times, and with my non-technical background, I am even more confused then before I read it. My complaint is from a dangerous performance standpoint of the vehicle and gather from the bulletin there is no alternative to improve the situation - totally unacceptable and dangerous in my opinion.

The poor performance of the vehicle when pulling out into fast moving traffic from a dead stop, is very dangerous and quite honestly is scary. I cannot believe, you expose your customers to such a situation and would think that many of your vehicle owners are bringing this to your attention. I would appreciate hearing if anyone else has brought this to your attention given you have a Technical Bulletin as to how to deal with complaints or concerns.

I look forward to your response and recommendations as to where I go from here to rectify this problem. Thank you and would appreciate a prompt response as I am very concerned every time I drive this vehicle and hope that you would be concerned as well...Lou Cerulli

Jun 16, 2017

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