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I have waited over a year to make any statement or comment about this dealership, however from our purchase experience right to the service they provide it has been completely atrocious. They must provide the worst customer service ever possible. Each time I believe it cannot get any worse, I am proven wrong. I sincerely, deeply regret purchasing a Chevrolet or anything from the GM family due to my ongoing experience at Ourisman Chevrolet in Alexandria. When it comes time to replace our truck, Chevy will not be my choice. I will absolutely make sure to share with my all my networks, personal and professional to never under any circumstance conduct business with Ourisman Chevrolet of Alexandria. There are too many experiences over the past year and a half where I've given them the opportunity to do right but they failed as expected. My most recent experience was yesterday when the truck went in for scheduled service and repair of 3 outstanding issues that are due to faulty workmanship. They immediately returned the vehicle stating the complaints could not be reproduced. If I had not pushed back hard over the phone with the service person and service manager, they would not have gone back and tried again only to determine they could not reproduce any of the issues. After much debate since the customer is always wrong here, they tried again and one they claimed to have repaired and the other 2 are still present even though they were noted as repaired on the ticket. The service person, Keith then approached my wife who brought in the vehicle for service and was extremely rude. A bystander stated that Keith is acting as if he's doing you a favor instead of a customer. As others have stated, customer service at Ourisman is nonexistent. Please do not put yourself through the headache of doing business here.
This is one of the greatest buyer's remorse I've ever experienced. As in a previous post, I pre-purchased all my scheduled service at this dealership so I am stuck here, but as for anything else I have to seek another dealership and hope for the best.

Nov 23, 2017

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