General Motors / opel - insignia 2016


This is a formal complaint - against your gm service center in
Abo rawash - cairo - egypt (Mansor)
I own an (Opel insignia topline) since 7-2016, till now the car has made 6000km, but since day one I was very disappointed with the car although I read a lot of good reviews about it, hoping to buy the best of german made car and trust in technology and high standard in manufacturing and finish.
My most points of disappointments since day one was the following
• a very annoying squeaking noise from front and rear brakes at low speeds, which after visiting the service center changed the pads and the discs front and rear at two separate sessions, which after testing resulted in a shift in the steering of the car to the left on straight roads.
• a very weak paint layer which is almost scratches from any thing, revealing a very unpleasant white under coat which I never seen in any other car before, forcing me to pay more to make a protective 3m layer on both rear and front of the car.
• air flow coming from behind of the front speakers (Most probably) on speeds over 100km, and after spending over than 7 hours at the service [protected]) center at abo-rawash and affirmations that the problem will be solved, testing the car on the road for three times and going back to the service center they said the problem was not solved and I have to come another day so they start over again.
• this is a waste of time and effort and each day I take a leave from my work is costing me more money, to spend fixing problems in a new german car, which is not my fault in the first place and should not be in a new car ever.
I had an opel record 77 – very great car, this was my second opel car but I am very disappointed with all the problems I encountered and the ones I hear also from my friends who owns the same model as mine, and I expect my car to have the same problems soon (Battery failure – driver seat side cover crack).

I hope this email finds a way through to the top management at gm, since I love your cars and respect your company, and on behalf of about 353 owners of the same cars we are all very disappointed.

Jan 18, 2017

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