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Burnsville, MN, United States

I have a 2008 Chevy max 6.0L motor blew and I bought a new motor from Chevy that motor blew with 11300 miles on it and now got another motor in it and something is wrong with this one . Took it I to the dealership in spruce pine n.c. the tech said it was my bank 2 sensor 1 in which is my Cadillac converter stopped up service manager wood warranty the Cadillac converter even though the motor blew and that's what caused it to stop up so I'll make it appointment at a local exhaust shop he cuts the Cadillac converter off come to find out the Cadillac converter was not stopped up. I go back to the dealership to let them know I spent $450 for nothing and all they can say is you've got to be kidding me it wasn't stopped up and now I'm having to do an oil consumption test because this new motor with 3000 miles on it has burnt two and a half quarts of oil now I paid good money for this motor and they're wanting to give me the runaround

Jun 20, 2017

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