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mckinney tx, US
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i bought my car at the end of June with the condition that a couple of things got fixed back tires replaced, a second key and also there was some vibration coming from the brakes. Also check if the car had remote start because the sales guys supposedly didn't know when purchasing the car I bought every extended warranty and maintence package to go with it. So my first service experience was right after I bought the car and the sales guy told me to call service to set up the appointment to fix the agreed upon things. it took me over a week just to make this appointment to where I finally had to threaten to return the car. then once it was in it took almost a week to do the two things that need to be done and when I picked my car up the tires were changed and they did not touch the brakes claiming they did not feel anything wrong. So I took it back over to sales and the sales manager drove the car and felt the problem bringing it back to service and forcing them to fix it which took another 3 days . when picking up the car for the second time I asked the service manager to look in to the remote start because my key fob had the remote start button . He said no problem wrote down the vin and went to check came back and said that it was not an option for my car. couple of weeks later I finally got my second key that was promised for the heck of it I tried the remote start and low and behold my car started ... it worked a couple times and then stopped so I brought it in and explain what happened and that the service manager had lied to me and that my car really did have remote start and I wanted it fix .. the service advisor called me couple hours later and said they figured it out and ordered the part to fix it and would call me when it came in so I went and picked up my car and they said my car was good to go . my husband later read the write up that they left in the car that my battery was going nobody there said anything to me two weeks later no call so finally called back... service manager said oh yea it came in the other day I can make you an appointment for a week and a half out so I waited brought my car in and it took them two days when I had an appointment still said nothing about my battery . well the next day my car is dead so I jump start it and bring it back and well all my warranties and maintance they want me to pay for a battery I just bought a certified pre own I should not have to replace a battery 3 months later I am so fed up with this service center and I don't know what to do I just want to yell keep the car I have never had such I bad customer service experience in my life.

Nov 03, 2016

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