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General Motors (GM) / service and product

1 B loemfontein, South Africa

Dear General Motor (GM) Customers and loyal supporters

This is just a letter from a customer who does not want to complain, but rather to vent his frustration in a simple letter which will probably not capture any of the emotions felt during this ordeal with General Motors (GM).

I have always loved the company and as a student (8 years ago) I have always had my eye on some of the cars they had produced over the years, but unfortunately I was not in the position to buy one of their cars. After a couple of years of work I decided to buy a Chevrolet Cruze 1.6 (2013 model). I bought the car as a demo back then and it had +-6000 km on the clock (2014).

Excitement from our first road trip (Dec 2013) with the car was quickly spoiled when we got stuck next to the road on about +- 8000 km’s. This happened on a vacation to Port st Johns and those who know this vacation spot will know that is a bit rural and that there is not allot going on there, but the stray dog fight on my car and the gun fight next to me made me wish that I was in my old 2004 Opel Corsa.

GM responded well to my call and the car was (if I recall correctly) collected the following day by a rather shaky looking truck and driver, but I was informed the following day that they received the car and that they will keep me up to date. The following day I received a call from them informing me that the car is ready to collect and that I was responsible as I did not press the clutch deep enough and the car got stuck in 5th gear (yea right). Unfortunately they could not deliver my car to me again and they brought me a rental and I had to collect the car from Mthatha (quite a drive on those roads).

A Couple of months passed and then we were ready for our next trip to Plettenberg bay (Dec 2014). We had a good drive to Plett, but the vacation was soon spoiled again when the car got stuck in 5th gear again (probable my fault again). Their service / assistance were quite good, but unfortunately no rentals were available. We were very fortunate though that one of our relatives was on vacation nearby and we could borrow his car.

The car was towed again and the mirror was scratched. Two days later I was phoned to collect the car in (Wilderness or George if I recall correct), but we were able to collect the car in Knysna. A week later we were luckily safe in Bloemfontein again, but a couple of days later the car did the same 21000 KM’s.

I lost all my faith in the car and unfortunately I felt that I had to make a change (Jan 2015) and my plans were to do so at different company, but as fate may have it I bought an Opel Astra 1.4T (2014 Demo). It is a lovely car except for the buzzing noise when you press the brake and the car is pulling to the left (only to be fixed by slotting the wheels (same as the Cruze). They inspected the car and after the second time and a lot of emotion (from both sides) it was determined that this is standard on the 2014 models and it is because of a vacuum that needs to form. I have accepted the noise though it is driving me crazy and it is really not the companies fault, but again I was disappointed as the more expensive car also had an issue and this was not pointed out (even when I have asked).

My wife also drives an Opel Corsa and it is fourth one in the family and recently I took it for the 90 000 km service, where after the lights would not switch off (again not their fault). Over the phone it was also communicated to me what I’m being charged for and one of the items was the cars remote battery, which would have been nice and appreciated if the car had a remote and not just a key. This was probably just a standard quote and it was resolved, so again no major issue. I took it in a week later and I had to sit around for 30 minutes, only to find the person helping me having a smoke brake and me and the driver (GM person dropping me off at work) standing around and not sure if they need some details from me or not. Again this was not a major quality issue, but poor communication and lack of urgency.

Some of you will read this letter and will wonder why the above was an issue for me and I would like to clarify that by the following:

I’m not a person who usually complains (I hate it) and usually I’m very reserved when it comes to speaking my mind, but for some reason the communication and attitude from the GM employees was so bad that it brought out the worst in me. I’m also not saying that the company or one of the cars I bought is not of good quality, but it just feels that (and this is just my experience and opinion) nothing ever goes right when I’m doing business with them.

Kind Regards

A Frustrated and concerned customer

Jun 30, 2015

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