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General Motors / gm customer service

1 Detroit, MI, United States
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Purchased my 2012 Equinox as a used vehicle, but with only 9k miles on it. Didn't notice anyting until last year when the engine started making a strange fluttering/rattling sound one day at about 75k miles. I called my son, and he says for me to immediately go to the nearest auto parts store or dealership and have someone check my oil, because engines will make that sound when they are running with no oil.
He was right -- the employee at an AutoZone store that was close by said they couldn't get any oil whatsoever to register. I had them add oil so I could drive it home, and my son said we needed to check it every week at least and see if this problem continued. It did. The car would regularly be low on oil and we could find no evidence of leaks in our garage or driveway.
Not long after this I received a letter from GM saying they had been made aware of the oil consumption problem and for me to bring the car to my dealership if I noticed the issue, so I took the letter and went to my local dealership, Randy Marion Chevrolet. They advised me I needed to start an oil consumption test to document that the car was truly consuming oil before GM would pay for the repair.
The first time in I was told to bring the car in every 1000 miles, which I did, and then was told I had to bring it every 2000 miles instead, and that we needed to start the test over (after about 2 or 3 trips to the dealership with low oil). So we started the tests over and I went about every 2000 miles this time. They told me we had to document it 4 times. I was concerned about driving the car another 8000 miles with this problem and potentially causing MORE damage to my engine, but they said this was what GM required. No choice, so I went about every 2000 miles.
At the 4th trip, thinking I had finally gone through every hoop possible to get my car fixed, the technician tells me "oh, sorry, you had 2300 miles this time between your tests and we can't document this time (even though I was 2 quarts low) so we have to start the whole test process OVER AGAIN and document another 4 times that it's low. 4 times equals ANOTHER 8000 miles on my engine that has already been DOCUMENTED to have OIL CONSUMPTION ISSUES. I went through the roof to say the least.
Technician tells me the service manager will talk to me and explain. Service manager tells me GM is being super picky on reimbursing dealerships for this problem and if they don't have every "T" crossed and "i" dotted they won't get reimbursed for the repair. After me throwing another major fit over having to start this blasted test over again after months of coming to the dealership to try to get the repair, he says to bring it one more time and if it's low on oil they will send it to GM to see if they will fix it.
Sorry this complaint is so wordy, but this is just so everyone can see how absolutely ridiculous this whole process is to get a KNOWN PROBLEM fixed by GM. I've been a loyal GM customer for 30 years, having bought a multitude of vehicles, from cars to trucks, suburbans, and diesel dually pickup trucks for our farm. So disappointed that GM seems to be trying to avoid a recall on this obvious defect. I'm trading next year and the next vehicle WILL NOT be a GM.
Update from Dec 27, 2017
Update -- after about 7 months of trying to jump through every hoop imaginable to get my Equinox fixed for the excessive oil consumption problem at my local dealership, Randy Marion Chevrolet, my car started making a different, much louder noise and losing power. I took it immediately to the dealership where I was told "ok now we can fix your car. GM has approved the repair. Your timing chain needs replacing." The letter GM had sent me told me the repair for excessive oil consumption had to do with defective pistons or piston rings and I asked them why they thought fixing the timing chain would solve the excessive oil consumption problem. The service rep at Randy Marion Chevrolet told me that the timing chain would also cause it to consume excessive oil. I was suspicious, to say the least, that this would not fix the oil problem, but they refused to do any other repair. They wanted to replace the timing chain. When I picked up the car, the loud noise was gone and the power was back to normal, so I hoped that maybe they were right and the oil consumption problem would be fixed also. WRONG. After only about 4 weeks and 2000 more miles my car again started making the noise that I had gotten used to when my oil was low. I took it to Randy Marion again and it was 3 quarts low on oil. I said, so now you will fix the defective piston rings like my letter says are causing the problem? The reply was "no, sorry, but since we repaired your timing chain and that didn't fix the oil problem, we have to start your oil consumption test all over again." Can't believe this crap. I called GM customer service to complain and the first senior advisor that reached out to me agreed with me, saying they should have fixed the piston rings because that was what the letter indicated. She said she would call the dealership and discuss. After 2 or 3 weeks I get a call from someone different who tells me that the dealership is correct and GM requires the oil consumption test to be redone if the timing chain is replaced, and that this was their policy. I replied it didn't say anything about a timing chain in the letter they sent me and for her to send me a copy of that policy. She said she couldn't...big surprise. Another interesting thing she said was that I could "take it to another dealership or do another oil consumption test." After I hung up I thought more about her comments and why she would say to take it to another dealership as an option. I think someone from GM customer service and my dealership had decided to tell me that it was GM's decision, not the dealer, so I wouldn't get mad at them for not fixing it. Why else would she say it was company policy, but that I could take it to another dealership? It clearly says the oil consumption problem has been linked to defective piston rings. And I have documented at least 5 or 6 times over the past 8 or 9 months that my car has excessive oil consumption. But I guess my hands are tied here. It's like no one at GM or the dealership has common sense. Or possibly they are just trying to frustrate me to the point where I trade the car and leave them alone. I'm not doing that, though. I will make sure this car gets fixed, trade it, and will never buy another GM again. I've owned GM vehicles all my adult life, and have 3 in the driveway now. But this experience has shown me how GM does not care about customers, and Randy Marion Chevrolet in my opinion is not to be trusted. They have given me the run around for nearly a year for a well documented problem.

Dec 28, 2017

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