General Motors / no support — 1500 miles over warranty

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I am extremely dissatisfied with my vehicle; I seriously doubt that I will ever buy another GM vehicle, and I am actively encouraging my family and friends to not buy GM vehicles either.
I work as a vice-president of quality for one of your suppliers; at the time we bought our Malibu, I supplied many components on that vehicle as well. Because I do a great deal of travel helping with quality issues, most of it from GM assembly plant to GM assemby plant, I put a lot of miles on my vehicle. I had started noticing things that were not right with my car, such as the steering wheel off-color, the HVAC fan squeaking, the steering wheel with two huge wear spots on the foam wrap, and recently the check engine light came on. I pushed the OnStar button for a diagnostic, and I was told something was wrong with my fuel system. So I called my dealer to get these things taken care of. Well, I couldn't get my car in right away (again, taking care of GM business), but when I did, I was told that I couldn't be helped because my vehicle was now out of warranty by 1, 000 miles. MY CAR HAD 16 MONTHS IN SERVICE! For all these things to go wrong after just 16 MIS and GM to not do anything about it is just irresponsible. I called some folks at the GM VEC in Warren and I can't seem to get any help there either. So, I'm putting my car up for sale and I will be driving into the VEC and various GM assembly plants in a new Lincoln MKS or a Jaguar XF. I wanted to drive a car that I supply parts for (I am also a supplier to the LGR Cadillac plant), for GM won't support their product.

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  • Jb
      Aug 27, 2011

    check engine light is one of the easiest fixes. unfortunately, this is just somethign that happens with miles. the problem typically is a bad oxygen sensor or you need to tighten your gas cap. usually, its the gas cap if its completely random. could also be that you need a tune up. if the light flashes on occasion, there is a misfire and would have something to do with plugs or wires

    you drive pretty continuously and you have wear spots on the steering wheel. sounds normal.

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  • De
      Nov 19, 2012

    2009 Malibu, 90, 000 miles on it. in dash message flashes "Service Traction", "Service ESC". Fuel average readout shows drop from 36 mpg to 21mpg and vehicle felt like it was "stumbling" and not running smoothly. Fuel cap tight, Shut vehicle down to check all fluids and do a general look see. Started vehicle up again, , , , all symptoms and messages cleared as if reset. Week later, and about 100 miles later, same thing but this time check engine light came on. Checking Internet this seems to be a common problem and now fix noted? Took car to GM dealer in Anson, Texas, , the Service Writer saw the message read out.. After a week they can not get the problems to repeat and no fix can be found though the did get the vehicle to surge and stumble. After a week I would hope there would be some idea as to the cause. I am not happy. This week is Thanksgiving and I was expecting to do some traveling. .

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  • Lo
      Feb 07, 2013

    Took my 2011 Malibu to the dealearship. I told them the problem.they came back and told me the wheel bearing and hub was bad the bad news they told me that the warranty wasnot going to cover the cost. The car had 49000 miles. I think this stinks. I wont buy another Gm.

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