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General Motors / customer service at bairel in wexford pa

1 Wexford, PA, United States

I have had some issues with my Chevy Equinox over the past 7 years that haven't been what I expected from a brand new vehicle. I called there about a month ago to talk to a manager at Chevy service and I spoke with Bob (Robert I guess) Heisel and also the guy at the service counter Matt Stott. All I can say is I hope I never have to deal with those two ridiculously rude and ignorant, condescending men again. I'm surprised that Bairel-who I have bought all of my cars from since I was 22 — would have these two [censor] employed there. What happened over the last 7 years since we bought this car? And this car has been in and out for various reasons things that should never have gone wrong have. like door seals sticking and ripping off, rusting lift gate shocks, the engine failing and having to be rebuilt, rusting body areas mufflers falling off after only 3 or 4 years. This isn't our first time getting things fixed on this lemon of a car. That being said, I finally reached "Bob" while I was at work and had a 40+ min conversation which was a big waste of my day and time, which I don't have really while I'm at work, he proceeded at the end of the conversation to laugh at me (I could hear other men in the background laughing along with him) when I told him I didn't think a part that went bad after having it fixed a few years ago should have gone bad again, the car engine had to be rebuilt once already because it was stopping cold at the stop signs and shutting off-the engine would just quit mid-drive. I asked for a courtesy rental free of charge (which when we bought the car we were told in no uncertain terms "oh yeah anytime you need anything you need a car repair we will provide you a way to get to work — just ask") So after the lovely conversation I had (where he proceeded to ridicule me publicly — btw GREAT CUSTOMER appreciation Bob) with Bob I decided I'm not purchasing my next vehicle at GM/Chevy/Bairel. I find it so incredibly ignorant and rude this man thinks because he is speaking to a woman that the woman is stupid. He actually told me that "he doesn't have to worry about his car breaking because he gets a new car given to him every year by Bairel and he earns it working 16-18 hours a day so he doesn't feel bad about it" Really??? What does the heck does that have to do with my car issues??? Gee that's great to know — why do your customers have to hear this crap? I don't really want to go back there to have my car serviced at all. Matt Stott was just as rude, he hung up on me twice — is this how you treat your customers?- when I had the car in for inspection I took the car back without doing the repair they were asking to be done and waited 2-3 weeks to speak to a manager. I kept calling and leaving voicemails with no return call-that happened twice in one week. I didn't even go to get the rental — you can tell Bob Heisel he can shove his rental up where the sun doesn't shine - I just drove the other car and my husband worked from home that day, another inconvenience thanks to Bob. These two employees need some customer service and general respect classes. I'm not convinced Mr. Bairel would be happy to read this letter, frankly he'd be appalled, if the roots of his business lie with guys like this more people are going to turn away to other dealerships. I know I wont be back. So thanks Bob and Matt for ruining a good relationship with a car dealer I bought with for over 25 years. Ill make sure all of the people I know hear this story as well.

Dec 27, 2017

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