General Motors Corporation / unethical behavior

centuru 111 Chevolet , Lenanbon Church Road , West Mifflin Pa, United States

Please top this dealership fr scam, or shut it down. You really need to govern your dealeships. I was told laon apprved papers sined, 5 days later they call and say a piece of paper was missed if I coud come in a sign. Surprise no loan!!! They let me leave 5 days earleir under the impresiion my credit union approved over the phone to top ot off. Then I get there they embrasse me infront of other customers pit a toallly didffenrt loan infront of me told me to sihne or gibve the car back, in completer embrassment I signed. For much higter payments if youdont do somthing besides offer me a r}year sirris radio< I will file suit with the attorney general< they are alreadt investigating the dealership but thing you need to step up to the plate and deal with the unlawful practice thst you are letting go on in order to sell cars!!! If I was a man this would not of happened!!!~

Feb 8, 2019

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