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About 3 years ago I leased a vehicle from Sutliff Chevrolet. Contacted dealership around July to ground vehicle and get into another vehicle. Was put on hold, then in September was told to bring in paystubs. Didn't hear anything for awhile. Call was asked when can you come in to pick up car. Told them would be in on that coming Saturday. Arrived at dealership waited for about 45 minutes to be told bank changed there mind need new paystubs. Advised that lease end date 10.10.2018. Well sent paystubs did not hear anything . Called Jonathan finance manager asked like he did not know anything. Was very rude. So I got frustrated and took my business somewhere else. The finance manager hit my credit about a dozen times. When went to the other dealership they hit credit once was approved . I have always loved Chevrolet caters, but this dealership just put a bad taste in my mouth about Chevy cars .

  • Updated by Vmitch32, Oct 23, 2018

    Poor customer service, dealership acted like they really didn’t want to sell a car. Maybe they didn’t want to sell to me because my credit was not the greatest.

  • Updated by Vmitch32, Oct 23, 2018

    Poor customer service, I will never purchase another vehicle from them

Oct 23, 2018

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