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I am writing to notify you of the terrible customer service by Apple Valley Chevrolet in Martinsburg WV on July 7th 2018.. For my 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016 new vehicle purchases, I never had to notify my insurance company that I purchased a new vehicle. This was always done by the dealership. I purchased a 2018 Equinix Premier and no notification was sent to my insurance company and at no time was I notified that it was now my responsibility. Below is the email that I sent to them needing a few questions answered.

I have a few questions. On the verification of insurance form. The dealer verification section has been left blank, essentially meaning that the dealership did not verify that I have the required insurance on the vehicle. Is this a new form, or a copy not given to the customer? The paper work from my 2015 purchase and my wife's 2016 purchase did not contain this.
On the customer details form. It reads "Customer is responsible for adding vehicle to policy! (salesperson may assist). Why wasn't this brought to my attention or why wasn't I asked to initial/sign indicating that I was aware. On my 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016 (wife's) vehicle purchases, we have not had to notify the insurance company, the dealership did. I was able to speak with my insurance company, send them the bill of sale which they were still waiting on and speak to Patriot to correct the dealership error. I highly recommend a change in procedure to make sure the customer is aware of what they are required to do.


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      Oct 29, 2018

    this just stuck out to me because I have never had a dealer call my insurance to add a new vehicle to my policy. That seems like suck an invasion of my privacy.

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